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Stephen B. Friedheim
Strategic Coach

Jan V. Friedheim
Strategic Coach

"One of the strengths of Stephen and Jan Friedheim is their ability to help my faculty, staff, and administration to build a company-wide attitude and perspective that is focused on the success of our students.  Working with Stephen and Jan has changed the perspective of my staff and faculty from thinking that they ‘can’ do something about the success of our student to..... they ‘will’ do something about it!”

-Julie Ha, President, Clarita Career College,
Canyon County and Lancaster, California


“I have been an admirer of Steve and Jan Friedheim for more than 20 years.  I have frequently watched them work their magic on a national stage -- educating, counseling, coaching, strategizing, and supporting institutions large and small in postsecondary education.  And I've been privileged at times to collaborate with them on behalf of some of their major clients.  These are very special people with ultra-special capabilities.” 

-John C. Campbell, Founder and President,
Campbell Communications, Inc., Washington, D.C.


“I highly recommend the Education Systems & Solutions team of Jan and Steve Friedheim. ‘They have walked the walk’...their years of successful experience in the functional areas of a school’s operation, combined with their understanding of the regulatory and accreditation processes, are among the many reasons they are so effective...Jan and Steve have always been unselfish contributors to our sector and have developed a valuable network of other successful operations to draw ideas from. More importantly they have the ability to effectively communicate and deliver these ideas to make your school successful.” 

-Tom Sapienza, Sapienza Associates, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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