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Stephen B. Friedheim
Strategic Coach

Jan V. Friedheim
Strategic Coach

"Jan and Stephen Friedheim, working together as Educational Systems & Solutions (ESS), have an incomparable wealth of personal and professional experience in all facets of higher education, but in career education most specifically. This knowledge and experience coupled with the many contacts they have established and maintained with numerous federal and state education and accreditation officials over the years, as well as with peers and colleagues in the higher education community, make them uniquely invaluable as consultants in postsecondary education. Each of them is an exceptional professional in his/her own right, and as a team, they are simply unrivaled."

"Their work ethic, professionalism, willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done at the highest level, and dedication to the higher education community make them an absolute pleasure to work with. ESS has a proven record of success with Johnson & Wales University, most recently in the areas of alumni relations, career development services, and strategic planning. When the need arises again for professional consultative assistance, I will not hesitate to contact ESS first.”

-Stephen D. Parker, Ph.D., Vice President for Executive Relations,
Johnson & Wales University, Providence, Rhode Island


"I have known Jan and Steve Friedheim for approximately 20 years.  During that time I have come to realize that they have practical, hands-on managerial experience in every facet of operating a profit-making career college - marketing, advertising, student recruiting, financial aid administration, academic affairs including curriculum development and graduate employment services.  Jan and Steve have extensive knowledge of the regulatory and compliance requirements at the state, accrediting commission and federal levels.  These are two of the most professional and knowledgeable leaders in the proprietary sector of higher education."

-Rene R. Champagne, Chairman & CEO, ITT Educational Services, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana

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