“Jan and Steve Friedheim have been excellent partners for Vatterott College on multiple fronts – acquisitions, compliance work, and other areas.  We have enjoyed working with them in the past and look forward to working with them in the future.”

— Peter C. Mitchell, Former President/CEO, Vatterott Educational Colleges, Inc., St. Louis, Missouri

“Jan and Stephen Friedheim have years of experience in the post-secondary proprietary and non-profit school business.  Whether in the halls of the U. S. Congress or the day-to-day operation of a large, successful school, they know the business and its challenges.”

— John Allen Chalk, Partner, Whitaker, Chalk, Swindle & Sawyer, L.L.P., Fort Worth, Texas

“I have been an admirer of Steve and Jan Friedheim for more than 20 years.  I have frequently watched them work their magic on a national stage — educating, counseling, coaching, strategizing, and supporting institutions large and small in postsecondary education.  And I’ve been privileged at times to collaborate with them on behalf of some of their major clients.  These are very special people with ultra-special capabilities.” 

— John C. Campbell, Founder and President, Campbell Communications, Inc., Washington, D.C.

“I highly recommend the Education Systems & Solutions team of Jan and Steve Friedheim. ‘They have walked the walk’…their years of successful experience in the functional areas of a school’s operation, combined with their understanding of the regulatory and accreditation processes, are among the many reasons they are so effective…Jan and Steve have always been unselfish contributors to our sector and have developed a valuable network of other successful operations to draw ideas from. More importantly they have the ability to effectively communicate and deliver these ideas to make your school successful.” 

— Tom Sapienza, Sapienza Associates, Austin, Texas

“Jan and Stephen Friedheim, working together as Educational Systems & Solutions (ESS), have an incomparable wealth of personal and professional experience in all facets of higher education, but in career education most specifically. This knowledge and experience coupled with the many contacts they have established and maintained with numerous federal and state education and accreditation officials over the years, as well as with peers and colleagues in the higher education community, make them uniquely invaluable as consultants in postsecondary education. Each of them is an exceptional professional in his/her own right, and as a team, they are simply unrivaled.”

“Their work ethic, professionalism, willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done at the highest level, and dedication to the higher education community make them an absolute pleasure to work with. ESS has a proven record of success with Johnson & Wales University, most recently in the areas of alumni relations, career development services, and strategic planning. When the need arises again for professional consultative assistance, I will not hesitate to contact ESS first.”

— The Late Stephen D. Parker, Ph.D., Former Vice President for Executive Relations, Johnson & Wales University, Providence, Rhode Island

“Good Council, great advice, wonderful wisdom.  Steve and Jan bring together a comprehensive understanding of the larger strategic picture as well as the operational details that career colleges need to master to be successful.  Steve and Jan bring to each assignment a dedication to the sector, a commitment to student success and a rich background in most all aspects of successful career college operations.”

— Michael J. Cooney, Former Editor & Publisher, Career Education Review, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

“Steve and Jan have been involved in the Career College sector for many years.  They have a deep and rich knowledge of the successful systems and solutions needed for today’s schools.  They are both highly recommended and make a great team.”

— Dr. Joe Pace, Managing Partner, Education Initiative, The Pacific Institute, Seattle, Washington

“The real test of excellence in our sector boils down to what people have really accomplished when measured over a long period of time – and both Steve and Jan have run and won the race on so many different levels. I have known and worked with these two over the past 20 years and on each and every occasion, I always got more than I paid for. And even when the situations were complex and looked like there was no clear solution, Steve found a way to peel back the onion and find a solution no one else had thought of or considered. When it comes to a recommendation, Steve and Jan get my support 100%. If you have a situation that needs a clear head and another viewpoint, Steve is your man, hands down. If quality and customer service are part of your vision, give Jan a ring. She has not only walked the talk, she created the path for most of the rest of us to follow over the years. They are a team that have spirit, mutual respect for each other, tradition, history, been to the bright and dark side of this industry and survived to make an example of themselves that make each of us who have known them proud to say we do and hope we have both their wisdom and strength when the going gets tough. They are smart business people who will help you see possibilities you never thought of. They are worth the call.”

— David T. Ruggieri, Higher Education Consultant, Orlando, Florida

“The challenges of running a career college cannot be underestimated and demand a range of skill-sets most administrators do not have.  In more than thirty years in working with career colleges, I have yet to find two people more knowledgeable in the diverse skills needed to successfully administer a career college than Stephen and Jan Friedheim.  Their hand-on experience in running a career college and close familiarity with dozens of other career schools, large and small, ideally situates them to provide the type of advice that can make a difference between a school being a success and a failure. 

— John E. Dean, Esq., Principal, Washington Partners, LLC, Washington, D.C.

“I have known Jan and Steve for over 25 years. Considering that there are many consultants, specialists, and others to look to in the time of need, they are at the top. Knowledgeable, professional, and well-connected…affordable and fair. They would receive my vote for –Highly Recommended.”

— Elmer R. Smith, President, Interactive Learning Systems/Interactive College of Technology, Chamblee, Georgia

“I have been privileged to know Jan and Steve for numerous years and have found the vast experience both these professionals possess in our sector of higher education to be both insightful and inspiring. Their willingness to share their wisdom and practical ideas has been a great learning experience for me.”

— Ken Konesco, Former President, Indiana Business College, Indianapolis, Indiana